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1 min readMar 8, 2021

Dulas leading the way in gender balance

Welsh renewables firm Dulas is celebrating International Women’s Day by demonstrating their commitment to equality of opportunity, which is unusual among companies in STEMM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Mathematics).

Nearly half of all its employees are female, as are two of the five board members — including the Managing Director — and women occupy several other key positions. These include the Commercial Lead for Wind Monitoring, Engineering Project Manager for Hydro, and the Heads of Finance and HR, as well as the Head of International Sales for the company’s vaccine refrigerator business — a particularly crucial position given the current pandemic and the urgent need to roll out vaccine storage worldwide.

They also have cause to celebrate their recent company equal-pay review, something Dulas regularly conducts on its own initiative, which confirmed near-parity in male and female wages.

Managing Director Ruth Chapman feels strongly that Dulas’s progressive employment policies, including their promotion of job vacancies on platforms like Mumsnet and Women in Engineering, have produced real benefits for the business. She said ‘Many of our competitors in renewables lag behind in terms of the opportunities given to women. By doing so, they are limiting the talent available to them, and we have been more than happy to use their missed opportunity to our advantage.’

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